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What Does Your T-Shirt Say About You?

What you choose to wear may give a hint of who you really are. There is no better way to express what you feel or think than with fashion. With so many types and brands of t-shirts available, it is important to think about your personal style and personality to help you choose the right t-shirt. Here is what your t-shirts say about you.

1. High Fashion Parody T-Shirts

If you are a fashion lover and are knowledgeable of every fashion house, then the fashion parody would be your type of t-shirt. If you love this type of t-shirt, you possess the trait of being an insider. You are also likely to be fun and never take things too seriously.

2. V-Neck T-Shirt

V-neck t-shirts are perfect for shorter individuals as it naturally elongates the neck. Anyone who is large and wants to create an illusion of height and slimming effect will go for a v-neck t-shirt.

3. A Leather T-Shirt

If leather t-shirt is a part of your wardrobe, you are probably rich with a good sense of fashion. The tee is associated with wealth and status in the society because it costs too much. Also, if you have one of these t-shirts, you have perfect knowledge of fashion houses.

4. Plain T-Shirt

If simple and plain t-shirt is your thing, your style is refined. You are into simple outfits and you believe that you can never go wrong with a plain t-shirt and jeans. Your personality type is considered conventional, and you like to organize things.

5. Sporty T-Shirt

You are a sports fanatic and you don’t mind adding graphics to your t-shirt. You are probably oblivious to the posts on other tees, but you choose to wear your team. You are realistic which extends to your other personality of being an active person.

7. Designer T-Shirts

You value quality, and there is nothing you love more than wearing designer t-shirts. You are basically trying to show the world that you are into classic branded tees.


What T-Shirt Colors Say About You


custom t shirtsBlack is the color of authority, power, and strength. It is also associated with traits of intelligence and confidence. If you are looking to impress or to reassure, a black t-shirt would be ideal. Although it is associated with death and worn during funerals, black is a timeless choice and is definitely a go-to shade.


This is a calming color that is that is associated with money and nature. Green evokes a sense of peace and generosity. It also conveys balance and restoration.


Pink is a warm, loving and tranquil color and is mostly associated with femininity. However, there are men that look good in pink as well. Research has shown that most people perceive pink as lack of intelligence, but that is not entirely true, as people’s color preferences are not the sole basis of their intellectual capacity. Others also think that pink is unsuitable to be worn in most formal and social occasions, but again, it all boils down to how you wear it and how you exude your confidence no matter what clothes you wear.


Are you looking to make a bold statement? Then you need an orange t-shirt. This is a good color for parties, festivals, and outdoor activities since it is associated with fun, ambition, and warmth.


If you are looking for a neutral look, grey is a suitable color. This color shows that you are confident with your body and are not afraid to flatter your shape. It can, however, exude lack of confidence in some clothes such as sweatshirts and is said to show that you are depressed.


Purple is a color associated with wealth, prosperity, and sophistication. Wearing a purple t-shirt shows that you like fine quality t-shirts and possess wisdom. This color of royalty can evoke meditation and spiritual awareness.


The color yellow shows that you are creative and artistic. It is associated with optimism, laughter, and happiness. You are an easy going person who loves sunshine and the outdoors. You also love making new friends.


The type of t-shirts and colors in your wardrobe say a lot about you. You can be into funny, sporty, plain, high fashion or designer t-shirts depending on your personality and style of fashion. So the next time you want to buy a t-shirt, you may rethink what it will portray about your personality. However, all these are just mere representations, and at the end of the day, your choice should be essentially based on the level of comfort and the degree of fashion you’re naturally inclined to.


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